A different way to stay in Parma

Friends of the environment

1. The linen we use and 'only natural fibers.

2. We do not use single-dose packs Toiletries.

3. We use organic products for our plants.

4. We implement the collection of waste.

5. We provide guests containers for recycling.

6. We implement energy saving by:

- Efficiency boiler for heating and hot water.

- Thermal and acoustic insulation (double glazed windows).

- Use energy saving light bulbs.

- Using water flow reducers of taps.

- Toilet discharge at two levels.

- No smoking inside.

... And the guest is green? If you respect these rules greens:

1. Turn off the lights when leaving the room and the bathroom;

2. Respect the collection of waste;

3. Do not smoke;

4. Do not make too much noise.

For informations: info@xxsettembre.it.